Beautiful Things
The standard definition of a product is: a thing produced by labor. Céle & Clio goes beyond labor to a sophisticated process of detail and delight.

Its distinctive characteristics make it a luxurious brand that provides its clientele with exclusive and elegant pieces that can stand the test of time.

Made in Italy—which is not simply a label but rather a precise fabrication process—provides Céle & Clio with a distinct trademark; each piece revealing its unique identity endowed by technicians who hand-crafted the collection in Florence, Italy—the capital of jewelry.

The collections you will see here reflect versatile pieces that create a statement in and of their own—pieces that become reflections of personal style, embodied by each woman who is lucky enough to wear them.

Céle & Clio is not your average jewelry line. It’s a lifestyle, a philosophy for chic women everywhere.

The Designer
Her close family suggests that Lucía Ferrer was a jewelry designer before she even realized it. As a child, one of her favorite pastimes was sitting down with her grandmother and listening to her as she described a specific piece from her extensive jewelry collection. Another was to adorn herself with as much of her mother’s fashion jewelry collection as she could handle and model the ornaments in front of her mother’s head-to-toe mirror.

It was no surprise when she later tapped into her creative side, pursuing different fields from graphic design to fashion design. She concluded a career in Marketing and continued to reinforce her childhood passion with several courses in jewelry design.

Aside from her affinity to jewelry, Lucía is also motivated by travel, a pursuit her father instilled on her since she was very young. Learning about new destinations feeds her imagination, and she advocates at least one trip per year. Her favorite locations include Barcelona and Florence for cultural nourishment and Palma de Mallorca because it is where her family is originally from.

The Brand
Céle & Clio serves the need to be unique. This is a brand comprised of dreams and history.

Ever since Lucía was young, she had a keen fascination with jewelry. It was only natural that she started to design her own line in 2013.

Her stepfather Michael provided guidance, tutelage and the momentum for her to continue pursuing her lifelong dream. His own enthrallment with jewelry, he is an avid collector of fine jewelry, also continuously motivated the designer.

Michael’s reinforcement is embodied in the name Céle, which is his mother’s name and reflects the inimitable characteristic of our jewelry.

In Greek mythology, Clio is one of the seven daughters of Zeus, the muse of History, which is another inspiration for the line. The different artistic movements and periods which have influenced jewelry design throughout time have always fascinated Lucía. From the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus to Byzantine crosses, each era contributes a distinctive reference to her creative process.

It’s unique. It stands out - just like the women who wear it.
— Lucia Ferrer